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    I’m Speaker Linda Polley, an internationally known psychic living in Ellsworth, Maine.

Linda Polley
From 2002 to 2008 my late husband of 40 years, Speaker Gerald Polley who died on July 4, 2,012 from colorectal cancer, and I produced an internet show called “Here’s Jesus!” during which Gerald channeled the spirit of Jesus Of Nazareth Called The Christ to answer questions I came up with for Him or, viewers sent in. Yes, Jesus’ Spirit actually borrowed Gerald’s body to do this show, to help keep the world going with His abundant Wisdom, trying to enlighten people would listen with The Truth everywhere.


Speaker Gerald Polley channeling Jesus.

    To be precise, in 2002 these programs started out in text format. Then later on they evolved to video then audio episodes. However I still continued to produce the transcripts of the episodes. Jesus had hoped that a t.v. or radio station would want to produce this show. Unfortunately this did not come to pass. We posted our videos of this show on the You Tube web site for a time, then because of unfounded complaints, were taken down. Because of a recent glitch with site I have some of the original videos on, I vowed to have a web site where these could be featured without ads and without threat of disappearing for no reason some day.
Thus this web site was created. I will not let Jesus’ hard work go to waste. I will be posting this material here a little at a time as time permits. So do feel free to check for updates. In the meantime, it’s available on these other sites. I hope you’ll check them out. Here’s the links. Thanks for your patience while I get these things situated. Also I hope you’ll check my blog. The link to it is below. Blessings to you for your interest in “Here’s Jesus!” I hope you’ll let others know about it and will visit again!

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